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Science and the MiraculousScience and the Miraculous: How the Church Investigates the Supernatural
By Michael O'Neill
Tan Books

Some might say that miracles are a thing of the past, relegated to a more credulous and superstitious age before humanity fully embraced the certainty and exactitude of scientific study. According to author Michael O’Neill, the “Miracle Hunter”, true miracles are by definition rare, but still occur today. And in this present age of skepticism, where the worship of science and reason have pervaded the culture, the existence of the supernatural is to be appreciated now more than ever before. Though it may come as a surprise to some, the Catholic Church turns to science to assist in the investigation and validation of claims of supernatural phenomena and miracles that appear to violate the laws of nature and our common human experience. Science and the Miraculous takes readers through the Church’s rigorous investigation of miraculous occurrences, including: • healing miracles from life-threatening conditions; • statues that exude human tears; • Eucharistic hosts visually manifesting true flesh and true blood; • visionaries who see the Virgin Mary in an ecstatic state; • saints whose bodies lay in a state of perfect preservation for centuries; • living people whose bodies are marked by the wounds of Christ’s crucifixion; • and more . . . The Catholic Church employs a combination of strict, centuries-old criteria for evaluating proposed cases of miracles with the most modern methods of medical examination to arrive at explanations for the purportedly inexplicable. If natural causes can be attributed or if frauds and hoaxes can be exposed, the Church will uncover the truth. But if science can show that miracles can and do happen, what will you believe? While belief in the supernatural ultimately requires faith, discover in this thorough investigation how science is a gift from God to aid our faith, and to educate our minds about the truths our heart already knows.


They Might Be SaintsThey Might Be Saints: On the Path to Sainthood in America
By Michael O'Neill
EWTN Publishing

Fundamental to the rapid growth of the Church in America are these exceptionally inspired men and women, not yet canonized, who lived heroic virtue and thereby changed the face of our country. Author Michael O’Neill unveils 24 of America’s greatest “blesseds” and “venerables,” whose causes for canonization are already underway. You will meet young Europeans who gave up secure lives for the wilderness of America - knowing they would never see their families again; you will meet the husband and wife who, despite being slaves, showed remarkable charity to their so-called “owners”; and you will explore the miraculously productive life of Knights of Columbus founder Fr. Michael McGivney, who died at the age of 38, as well as the 23-year-old explorer priest who covered 200,000 square miles, heard Confessions for up to 14 hours at a stretch, ate prairie rats when necessary - and founded 30 parishes.

You will also enjoy the remarkable stories of: Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, America’s first TV evangelist Pierre Toussaint, once a slave, then an entrepreneur devoted to the poor Fr. Patrick Peyton, “The Rosary Priest,” whose reached hundreds of thousands with his rallies and rosary crusades Henriette DeLille, the remarkable “Saint of New Orleans” Fr. Augustus Tolton, the nation’s first black priest, himself a former slave Cornelia Connelly, whose children were stolen from her because of her conversion Twelve holy souls who quietly devoted their lives to the poor Paperback. 298 pages.





Virgin, Mother, QueenVirgin, Mother, Queen: Encountering Mary in Time and Tradition
By Michael O'Neill and Robert L. Fastiggi
Ave Maria Press

Winner of a 2020 Catholic Press Association book award (second place, theology-morality, ethics, Christology, Mariology, and redemption).

The earliest of Mary’s apparitions can be traced back to the first century of the Church and have continued into modern times, inspiring the faithful to devotion to her and to a deeper love of Christ her son.

In Virgin, Mother, Queen, popular radio and television host Michael O’Neill gathers fascinating details from Mary’s mystical appearances around the world. Robert Fastiggi, professor of systemic theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, answers questions about the historical and theological development of Marian teachings throughout Church history.

Virgin, Mother, Queen includes full-color illustrations and recounts in story and teaching why the apparitions and titles of Mary continue to be relevant today. Each chapter contains traditional prayers associated with these historic Marian shrines.





Exploring the Miraculous
With Foreword by Dr. Mark Miravalle
Our Sunday Visitor

Thoroughly researched and documented, Exploring the Miraculous will enlighten and fascinate, but most of all will guide us to Christ, who is the center of our lives and the true object of our faith.

“Few if any who are writing about religion today do so with the feeling that Michael O’Neill brings to this vastest of topics. His work is grounded in fact but never disregards the spiritual.”— Robert Sullivan, managing editor of LIFE books Miracles

“Eighty percent of Americans report they believe in miracles. For those who do and for those who are curious, Michael O'Neill's Exploring the Miraculous is a ‘godsend’!” -- Maureen Orth, author of “The Most Powerful Woman in the World,” National Geographic cover story about the Virgin Mary

 “Provides optimum historical, theological, medical, and scientific evidence wherever possible in defense and articulation of some of Christian history’s best occasions of God’s benevolent interference.” -- Dr. Mark Miravalle Professor of Theology and Mariology, Franciscan University of Steubenville

“Michael O’Neill opens up for us that safe path of Church-inspired direction!”— Fr. Peter R. Stryker, C.P.M., Rector, Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help

“With the heart of a believer and the mind of a skeptic, O’Neill’s Exploring the Miraculous is a smart, comprehensive look at the fascinating world of miracles.” — Rev. Francis J. Hoffman (Fr. Rocky), Executive Director of Relevant Radio


365 Days with Mary
Salt Media

Available on Amazon and

365 Days with Mary features a different devotion to Our Lady associated with a solemnity, feast day, patronage, apparition or miraculous icon exactly related to that date. Each day reveals beautiful artwork and a historical dscription that highlights a famous or unique title of Mary. With sufficient writing space to add your own prayer, reflection or events for that day, you will be able to live each day in the celebration of your own personal Marian Year.

"Makes one appreciate (the Virgin Mary) more. Brings one closer -- a daily meditation, and a picture with each, for the rest of this new year and years to come." Michael H. Brown,

"If you want to remember the Marian titles and solemnities and feasts or want the apparitions and miraculous icons of Mary, or all the various devotions celebrated throughout the year, then this would be a great book for you to get plugged into. I don't think there's a better thing to compliment your spiritual resolutions by spending a moment with Our Lady every day." Drew Mariani, host for Relevant Radio

November 2, 2015 - 365 Days with Mary
Morning Air, Relevant Radio
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February 3, 2015, What Made Mary a Good Wife and Mother?
The Drew Mariani Show with Father Rocky, Relevant Radio
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20 Answers: Apparition and Revelations
Catholic Answers
Extraordinary Signs of God’s Enduring Presence

Why does God sometimes reveal himself privately?

How does the Church discern reports of supernatural miracles and apparitions?

What are some of the most famous Marian apparitions in history, and what do they teach us?

How can learning about approved private revelations help us to grow in faith and deepen our relationship with God?

In this booklet you’ll find smart, solid answers to these questions and many more. In his great love and care for us, God sometimes communicates with the world in extraordinary ways, or sends his mother and his saints as his messengers.  20 Answers: Apparitions & Revelations explains the scriptural and theological basis for private revelation, unpacks the Church’s approach to evaluating and promoting miraculous phenomena, and shares inspiring accounts of approved apparitions and revelations from the distant past to the present age.

The 20 Answers series from Catholic Answers offers hard facts, compelling arguments, and clear explanations of the most important topics facing the Church and the world—all in a compact, easy-to-read package.






Mater Misericordiae
- The Immaculate Heart of Mary and Fatima

In this journal of Mariology, Fr. Donald Calloway has gathered contributions from saints and scholars, including "Miracle Hunter" Michael O'Neill, all shedding light on the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Particularly appropriate in this 100th anniversary of Fatima, this edition will be of interest to both academics and devotees of Our Lady.

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