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11th c.

Trani, Italy

A non-Christian woman who did not believe the true Catholic dogma of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, aided by some of her Christian friends, managed to steal a consecrated Host during the celebration of a Sacred Mass. The woman, as if daring God, put the consecrated Host into a frying pan of oil. Suddenly the Host spilled out masses of Blood, which poured to the floor and out the door of the house.(Source:


Ivorra, Spain

The parish priest of this town doubted the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. One day in the year 1010, while celebrating Mass, the miracle occurred: the wine contained in the chalice was converted entirely into live Blood. At present, the Sacred Relics are preserved in a gothic reliquary from 1426 that contains the altar cloth spotted with Blood, and other relics given from Pope Sergius IV to Saint Ermengol.

The wine in the chalice changed into Blood and the Precious Blood poured onto the altar cloth and flowed to the ground (Source:



A sorceress asked a woman to bring her a consecrated Host. The woman went to Mass and during Communion she managed to hide a Host in her handkerchief. The priest noticed what happened and ran after the woman and ordered her to show him what she was hiding. The woman opened the handkerchief, and to their surprise they saw that half of the stolen Particle had been transformed into Flesh and the other half looked like the Host. (Source:


Weingarten, Germany

For more than 900 years it has been possible to venerate the relic of a portion of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus at the Benedictine Monastery at Weingarten. According to many historians, the soldier Longinus had carried the relic of the Most Precious Blood of Christ to Mantua. Later the Precious Blood was divided into several portions and given to various rulers of the era, the most famous of whom was Charlemagne, and to different popes. Every year a ceremony known as The Ride (or Procession) of the Blood, in honor of the relic, was organized at Weingarten (Source:


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