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Albi, France (12th c.)


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Our Lady of the Drèche (Right)


In the 12th century, near Cagnac les Mines (5 km from Albi), the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared to some shepherds, in the middle of a bush. A statue of the Madonna and Child was subsequently discovered at the same place. This event is at the origin of a local pilgrimage in honor of Our Lady of the Drèche (or of the Right).


The shrine was restored in 1860. Its shape is an octagonal rotunda, 19 and a half meters high, of equal height and width.It is operated by the Franciscan Friars Third Order Regular.

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The feast of Our Lady of the Drèche is celebrated on September 8th.

Prayer to Our Lady of the Drèche

Holy Mary,
With the whole Church, we invoke you as Salvation of Christians, Refuge of Sinners, Consolation of the Sorrowful, Health of the Sick.

In this shrine of the Drèche, we have witnessed the favors you have granted to your faithful; we pray with confidence:

That Christians will remain faithful to their baptism and strong in their faith,
that sinners will return to God, through conversion,
that the sorrowful will be comforted,
that the sick will find healing in their soul, heart, and body.

Mother of Jesus
We look toward you who are also our Mother
Confident in the power of your intercession, we ask you, for ourselves and our beloved, God's mercy and compassion; to help us be docile to the Holy Spirit's inspiration, to be faithful and generous servants until death.


Mary of Nazareth

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