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Borgo Incoronta, Foggia-Bovino, Italy
(April 26, 1001)


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Madre di Dio Incoronata (Mother of God Crowned)


On April 26th (the last Saturday of April) of 1001 the Virgin appeared on an oak tree in the forest of Cervaro to two people: the Count of Ariano Irpino, who was hunting and a shepherd named Strazzacappa. The Virgin appeared as the Mother of God and asked them to build a church on the place of the promised joys and blessings. The Virgin was accompanied by two angels who held onto her head a triple crown. The count was hunting on the site in the evening when a great glow rose from a tree and saw that Mary said:

"Do not fear, my son, because I am the Mother of God will find a statue of this tree will become a pledge of blessing to many. You'll place it in the church that you care to build here in my honor."

At first there arose a chapel guarded by a hermit. Following the Basilian monks enlarged the church, leaving the original building in the center and founded a monastery with an adjoining house for wayfarers and pilgrims. In 1140 they settled. In 1230 around the Verginiani and custodians of the shrine became the Cistercian monks who remained there until 1500, when the work was completed the construction of the new complex. From the sixteenth century, until the time of Napoleon's occupation (the beginning of the nineteenth century) a time of decline for the sanctuary, which was revived from the century after.

On April 1,1950, the Bishop of Foggia, Monsignor Fortunato Maria Farina, gave approval to the congregation of Don Orion who built the new church opened on April 11, 1965.

The oil of the blessed Virgin Mary the Crowned

It's a sacramental, that is a sacred sign by which, and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, especially spiritual effects are obtained. Christ means "anointed by God"). Every Christian in baptism is "anointed" by God through the Holy Chrism oil.

The consecrated oil Incoronata originates from the miracle of the lamp to burn out of devotion shepherd put on the branch of the oak on the day of the apparition of the Madonna way back in 1001: the flame always burned and the oil was not consumed. The faithful were anointed obtained physical and spiritual healing. This happens even today. Christ is able to heal even by physical ailments. The anointing with oil advises: The anointing which you received on the day of baptism in Christ, and thou also the son of God

The shrine, in the territory of Montefortino, stands isolated in the mountains and takes its name from the nearby stream Ambro, a tributary of Tenna. Especially in summer, for the beauty and charm of the place, there is a tremendous influx of tourists and pilgrims.


Shrine Basilica "Crowned Mother of God"
Opera Don Orion - 71040 Foggia
0881-81037 FAX tel.0881-810007/810016


The feast day is the last Saturday of April.


Lavini, Pietro. Up in the mountains.


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