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Lenola, Italy (250)


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Our Lady of the Hill


The Shrine of Our Lady of the Hill in the land of Lenola sinks its historical roots to the early centuries of the Christian era, in the middle of the third century.

The Belgian historian De Schepper, said that the Apostles Peter and Paul on the road to Rome along the Appian Way, the "Queen of Roads", which runs through the fertile plain of Fondi, a city of megalithic walls, preached to the Gentiles the Good News of the Gospel as one of the first groups of Christians. "Through the centuries, multiple communities of Christians developed in the area and surroundings Fondane so that in 250 AD, when Emperor Decius ordered the persecution against them, he believed them responsible for the evils that gripped the Empire, several thousand of them based in the territory were killed. It was a result of the ruthless manhunt that some of them took refuge in the nearby mountains, not out of cowardice, but in order to preserve and spread the seed of the Gospel. One group of persecuted took refuge on the hill of Lenox, a rocky and wild area, finding refuge in a cave hidden in trees and bushes, where a shrine was built with the image of the Madonna and Child.

There they prayed and celebrated the divine mysteries of the Faith. Some Roman soldiers, loyal to the imperial order thorough search in every place, discovered a small cave where they found the martyrs Honorius and Livio together with others who prayed; they killed them all leaving them unburied. The news of the massacre took place on the hill of Lenola spread among the Christians remaining in the countryside, which informed the Egyptian monk St. Paterno, who was passing through Rome to venerate the tombs of the Apostles Peter and Paul. Having received the news, he went with other Christians on the Hill, to give a decent burial to the bodies of martyrs. After the work on the tomb pious he set a rough stone with an inscription engraved in a language unknown to the pagans: "Here lies Honorius, Livy, and others, died for the Faith in the middle of the third century."

At the grave they planted a cypress tree, a sign of resurrection. Darkness fell, they started praying and chanting, but taken by fatigue, they fell fast asleep. In the middle of the night they were shaken by a noise, and dismayed saw the cave flooded with strong light, but an angelic voice comforted them:

"Do not fear, hope in God, I am one of you for your comfort, here is my picture."

They woke up from their sleep and saw the image of the Virgin and Child surrounded by angels waving palms and crowns of martyrdom. Not believing their eyes they asked one another if each had seen and heard the same words. The next day, comforted by the vision, full of joy they wanted to spread the new squickly to other joyful brothers , but had to desist because the Edict of the Emperor Decius was still in full force. To ensure the graves of the martyrs remaineddedicated to the glorious Virgin Mother, they remained hidden.


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