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The Messages of Betania

Received by:
Mrs. Maria Esperanza

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First Apparition: March 25, 1976 - 8:30 a.m.

"Daughter, here you have Me with My Hands enriched with graces and covered with splendors of light, to call all My children to conversion; this is the seed of glory I offer as "MARY RECONCILER OF PEOPLE AND NATIONS", for I come to reconcile all of you. Reconciliation is the inheritance of divine brotherhood of My Divine Son! Daughter, hand on My message to all. I will keep you here in My Heart from today on and forever!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Second Apparition: August 22, 1976 - 1:30 p.m.

"Daughter, when all men on earth come to carry their cross with love, there will be no more pain nor weeping for they will live rising each day with My beloved Son in a constant and lively hallelujah... hallelujah... hallelujah..!"

"My daughter, I wish for you to make them feel the worth of prayer and the importance of My new Apparition as Reconciler of People and Nations, for under this title they will find essential and determinant conditions to prepare their souls to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit... through the communication and the visits of Our Lord, through faith... for faith is the basis of Christianity... and increasing that same faith will make them seek with sincere love Our Father, and My Heart and the Heart of My Divine Son..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Third Apparition: March 25, 1977 - 11:00 a.m.

"Daughter, children, henceforth you should cover yourselves with divine spirituality... for this will help you, as a source of purity, to lead a model life, fulfilling good deeds dedicated to the Lord... since all harvest done in His Name is light, truth and love..!"

The Patriarch Saint Joseph also said, "With Jesus and Mary I will watch over this source of love, so this people may be saved, for Family will be the hope of a new world..!

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Fourth Apparition: May 3, 1977 - 11:00 a.m.

"Daughter, continue your way for We have prepared it..! Daughter, obedience shall be the basis of your inner life... to remain in contact and in unity with the Lord..! Children, be very good... spontaneous... natural... this will make your life easier and happier..! Daughter, children: help Me conquer the heart of all your brothers..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Fifth Apparition: March 25, 1978 - 10:30 a.m.

"Daughter, My presence among you is not a dream, it is real; obey and continue to be loyal to this Mother, so you may rejoice for all Eternity..!"

"Your task is arduous… to hand on My message of love and reconciliation to all people and nations..! You will suffer, but what joy and happiness to see you have been loyal to Me, your Mother..! I lead you by the hand..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Sixth Apparition: November 27, 1978 - 9:00 a.m.

"My daughter, in 1983 you will be able to carry out, the land movement in a clear way... and then in 1984... the great event of My presence at the place..! And therefore, the great triumph of a march which unites, reestablishes, appaises multitudes that will start coming to My chosen place for these times..! And on the 13th of May... I will lull you in My Arms... all will turn into healthy, good and honest children..! Among those present there, some will feel Me... others will see Me... their hearts will be touched..! Daughter, that great day is coming..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Seventh Apparition: March 25, 1984 - 3:00 to 6:30 p.m.

"My children, I am Mary, Virgin and Mother Reconciler of Nations, I come with My Son in My Arms to reconcile you. O sublime hope of yours..! Pray the Rosary..! Sons and daughters, you have felt Me and seen Me, touching the truth that I live among you... continue to be loyal to the call that today I make... and let us walk the path together..! I lead you..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Eighth Apparition: March 27, 1984 - 11:30 a.m.

"Children, today I make Myself present once more because the GREAT ANNOUNCED TIME has come... a CHURCH FOR ALL... THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH, which establishes the rules and points out, according to the law, a moral guide of how children should behave themselves, respecting the Commandments and Doctrine of My Divine Son... and devoting themselves to everyone’s well-being, especially to the most needy’s well-being, starting by improving their inner life, renewing their spirit with particular attention to meet with the Lord; thus, enter fully into the defense of human rights..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Ninth Apparition: January 25, 1985 - 3:00 p.m.

"Children, from this My Holy Mountain of this blessed place, among these trees, I gaze at you from My grotto of prayer, and in silence and seclusion I let you feel Me... so the grace of the Holy Spirit may enter fully in each one of you, and all may receive the divine vocation of service here in My Promised Land, and may be able to sweetly work for the love of My Beloved Son..! Blessed are those who offer their lives to the service of the Lord..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Tenth Apparition: November 27, 1985 - 10:30 a.m.

"Daughter, children, the fruits of this day are sanctifying graces for your souls... they are of supernatural life of better days, in the steep mountain you are climbing..! My rays which come from the sun of justice of My Divine Son will dazzle you. Be loyal to His Doctrine..! Lead an evangelical, secular and apostolic life..! And appraise the faith, love and unity of the blessed ones..! Now look at the resplendent sun behind the billowing clouds of cotton, and the fine divine rain."

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Eleventh Apparition: December 8, 1986 - 11:00 a.m.

"Daughter, children, here I am as I announced before; some will feel Me... others will see Me between the shrubs... others will perceive the perfumed roses of My garden from Heaven... and even more, some, who are sick, drinking from the water of My grotto of prayer, will be relieved; others, will be healed, attaining health and peace..! Daughter, wherever I place My Feet, it is as sowing the seed... and behold, the Doctrine and the Gospel are enacted through the faith that comes forth from the heart of those who seek Me..! And I tell you, all of you will be saved... for the Church renews and calls to a burning faith... when her children draw close to the flock of My Divine Son... to nourish themselves with His Mystical Body... and daughter, today many will be nourished..! Today there is a Feast of Angels in the whole world, and here in My Promised Land I come to call mankind to reconcile with their brothers..! I come to bestow peace upon the world and calmness to the people and nations..! I come to reign in the heart of the most humble... and I come to soften the proudest and the most arrogant... so they may amend their actions... all accompanying Me..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Twelfth Apparition: June 21, 1987 - 4:30 p.m.

"Children, the hour is soon approaching... and you will feel inside yourselves, that wonderful something, which communicates to the soul the quality of the discernment of His presence among you..! Sons and daughters, retire in silence... this is, and will be the miracle of your own lives... see clearly and determine what is happening around you, in order to be in peace... and henceforth live to bear witness and to proclaim, in each hour of the day, the miracle of your own existence... with a heart which beats with the Heart of My Divine Son Jesus..!"

"Yes, children, for you will feel His Breath, His warmth, His presence; and Heaven and earth will sing together..! Now wait serenely with the key that opens the gate of salvation... and quietly say: "Lord Jesus, we are waiting for You, for You have promised to come... and God's promises cannot be disregarded; and we are here to hold You, love You and always live by Your side with Your Mother..!"

"Children, give pause... the Lord repeats to you, "He who eats My Body and drinks My Blood will be safe and sound... entering to dwell forever in My Father's House..! You are here to learn, and I enter fully into your hearts to model them and make them worthy of this, My Mystical Body..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Thirteenth Apparition: July 6, 1987 - 11:30 a.m.

"My children, reaffirm your trust in the adorable Heart of My Jesus, who is in love with His Father's delights..! Rest on the promises of the Lord who hears the prayers of His children... and whose mercy reaffirms all forever..! Do not worry, for Religious vocations will multiply. Apostles of My Heart..! fill yourselves with gratitude... for all will taste love and wisdom... since the Holy Spirit will enlighten each one of you in these apocalyptic times with His divine grace, sustaining all with bountiful fruits and divine rain..! Sons and daughters, do not stop wearing My miraculous medal to cover yourselves, in order to be protected... also distribute it generously so sinners may be converted, the sick may be healed and the moral values of today’s world may be reestablished..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Fourteenth Apparition: March 6, 1988 - 11:00 a.m.

"Daughter, children, here among you, in a close and warm embrace... living a reunion of a Mother with Her children in which each one of those sons and daughters express their feelings and desires of how much they really wish for their Mother to understand them, so She can bestow Her motherly protection upon them... yes, children, Our meeting today is to open broad paths in the boundaries of knowledge... since Jesus My Divine Son, with His Word of wisdom, with His righteousness and His immutable purity, is longing to continue to serve and to be useful to His people... He is reviving again in these days, here in Betania, His language of the heart, through this Mother... and may all in the loneliness of My Holy Mountain, discuss, comment and analyze the reason of Our call to God's people at this time... in this place..! He is making himself noticed here, in these days… His presence… manifesting Himself with Me, His Mother, who is walking on the streets of Palestine searching for all His sons and daughters... He is not coming to gather only the good, but it is the rebellious whom He comes to gather, to have them drink from the fountain of the Holy Waters of this Mother, so they can wash their heads, their hands and their feet, for their conversion..! Children, I beg all of you to take advantage of the days, hours, minutes, seconds, to prepare yourselves..! Evangelization is the representation of the New Golden Age of a New World... where peace and the ways of love will take you to reach the rectitude and the knowledge of God’s sons and daughters..! All are God's children... His people... sons and daughters of God..! I keep you in My Heart with a small latent and living thorn..! To love... To love... love without limits..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Fifteenth Apparition: February 16, 1989 - 4:00 p.m.

"Daughter, children, here I am..! Living among you..! Children, My Heart beats with Heavenly delights as I gaze at each one of your faces which come to find the hope of better days, to solidify your steps on the road that leads to Mount Zion. For My fountain of the waters of Betania shall restore your souls to a new life... that will bring you to lead an apostle’s life, that is to say, of service, devoted to a mission of love, which will reaffirm your trust in the light of the New Dawn of My Divine Jesus! He, My Beloved Son, wishes for all of you to live cradled in this motherly Heart, with the charismata and graces of the Holy Spirit. In this way, My children may hold hands, based on the Commandment, ‘Love one another..!’ It is the only truth that can save mankind from a war among brothers... that is to say, in these times, all should have recourse to the charitable harvest of good deeds, which is the identification of love and of truth of God's people, who are longing for Social Justice... because as long as unity does not come forth, you will lead a life of anguish, grief, shadows and sorrow. Behold, children, the love of a Mother, who cherishes you... and comes as a starting point to lead you toward a law of justice, love, peace and reconciliation..!"

"Prayer... Meditation... Penance... Eucharist..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Sixteenth Apparition: February 22, 1989 - 12:00 pm.

"My daughter, My Heart I gave to you... My Heart I give to you... and My Heart I will give to you forever..! Daughter, open and enkindle your heart, and be docile to the grace, that is to say, to its sanctifying action... for I wish you to sanctify yourself... with all My other children of My Heart... And this, by dint of loving... of devoting yourselves, offering yourselves unconditionally to a participation, through grace, through the fullness of life My Jesus holds; holds through His Body of Christ on the Cross. All this to work and fight with your efforts and with your actions, and mostly with your constant prayer... continuous... bestowing the fruit of a good harvest..!"

"Children, you saw Me just some minutes ago in the arbors of this, My grotto of prayer, as Mary of the Solitude, with the weeping and the suffering of a Mother... O, My little ones! There is so much grief in My Heart! I do not want you to suffer, I do not want to worry you, let alone for you to go through days of tribulation... but there are things that are so hard for men to understand. The only truth which remains is faith... which will build in your families the firmness and the certainty that the Lord, and this Mother live among all Our children... showing you the way, that only through deeds of faith the shadows that surround your daily living can be lessened..! Children, that is why your prayer must be constant, morning, afternoon and night, for only prayer can save you..! Never forget, the more you suffer, the closer to you We will be, soothing, healing the wounds of your hearts, to continue to live with the responsibility of being redeemers of this time, and saviors in hope for the great eternity..! Observe, to understand My message today..! Children, be courageous, and be willing to give your harvest of peace and love..! I keep you..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Mother of The Solitude of Mary!

Seventeenth Apparition: March 4, 1989 - 4:00 p.m.

"Children, you see Me... here I am ready to serve all those who come to visit Me, looking for My fountains of Holy Waters, to wash your heads and purify your hearts longing for hope, comfort and spiritual peace. Sons and daughters, go on... the journey is long, a whole life of pilgrimage... in search of The Promised Hope of a Powerful Day! Children, My Divine Son loves you so much..! He invites you, to enter fully into Our temple of nature, so the principles of love, of human docility and Christian fervor, may be your guides... These teachings will make you understand the essence held in His Commandments of new life. Spreading through all the media that attends, attracted and filled with faith, and humble before the Heart of this Mother, to implore Her motherly protection..! I keep you..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Your Guide!

Eighteenth Apparition: March 28, 1989 - 5:00 p.m.

"My daughter, My children, here I am... I beg each one of you to especially mend your lives, with penance, the needed prayer, to vindicate God's justice, so offended in these times by men... on the other hand, it is very important for you to attend Holy Mass frequently and to receive the Eucharist... so that My Divine Son's nourishment may help you in such a way that you will feel enlightened inside by an unknown light... wonderful and sublime... which is the great sign God, Our Father, wishes for the salvation of all those who with humility surrender faithfully to His Heart..!"

"That is why, nourish and increase your fervor, longing spiritual improvement... so you may serve, offering your lives as brothers with a deep and lively brotherly participation... so you may enjoy the goods God created for all of you..!"

"Children, I love you very much, and My love is so great I call each one of you to My grotto of prayer, so you may meditate and live the Gospel... protected by the grace of the Holy Spirit... with His divine charismas..!"

"Behold, I offer you My Heart, united to My Divine Son's Heart, so you may live the most profound experience with Us... in order to enjoy the sublime moment of a living testimony, the fundamental basis of a great truth: WE LIVE AMONG YOU..! Participate children..! And cradle yourselves here in My Heart..! I keep you..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Immaculate Heart of Mary!

Nineteenth Apparition: April 1, 1989 - 4:30 p.m.

"Daughter, children, I am trying to talk to all of you, to tell you I lead you by the hand, covering your shoulders with My motherly mantle... Sons and daughters, I call you to the site of My new Apparition as Mary Reconciler of People and Nations... so you may begin to work on the harvest that you will sow in the hearts of the innocent children... and others, who are young and long for truth, love and justice..! I call you, for the GREAT MOMENT OF RECONCILIATION has arrived... and you need to prepare yourselves as soon as possible... for example: in the sowing of doctrine, catechism, spiritual exercises, the Gospel, and mainly the Eucharist. Daily Communion, the soul’s nourishment, accompanied with work, in a task in which you can be productive, sowing the furrows with the holy seed of nourishment... for the land I have placed in your hands is appropriate to accomplish the Deed of Love that must save many souls, yearning to give of themselves their contribution to sow..! That is why, sons and daughters, I extend My love to all My children, dwellers on earth, and be loyal to Jesus, so you may discover The Wonderful Secret of Unity... which will help us find the key to God's Kingdom..! I keep you..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Twentieth Apparition: April 2, 1989 - 1:30 p.m.

"Children, I welcome you in this joyous hour... when you have seen Me in My grotto of prayer... with My Hands outstretched to cradle you, here in My Bosom... and all this My children, so you may fulfill yourselves with Me... through the grace My Beloved Son bequeathed you..!"

"Children, I call all of you... so you may receive infinite graces from the Heaven of Our Kingdom... and I wish peace to your days... peace to your spirits... hearts... your families... to the Venezuelan people and to all nations... May peace cover all the sanctified land of the Lord..! Sons and daughters, you are pilgrims... take care of Our land with devotion... do not forsake it... unite all your hands to raise your prayer to God... in a "THANK YOU MY LORD, AND MY GOD..!" Children, you must be optimistic... raise your eyes in prayer, in an invocation of love, so He may contemplate your countenances and look inside your eyes... and enter fully into your souls in order to strengthen your hearts..! I keep you..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Twenty first Apparition: April 9, 1989 - 2:00 p.m.

"Children, I am here among you once again, calling you to be optimistic, constructive, with the new hope of the apostles of this motherly Heart, in order to be builders, prodigious ones as time elapses; and to overcome yourselves... your futuristic vision must be altruistic, ascending, and crowning yourselves with Heaven... with the clouds at your feet, being simple, calm, humble and serving God in your brothers... ascend, My children, full of contentment, like the small innocent children, thinking that to live in the Lord is to be eternally joyful..!"

"Thus, if you obey Me there will be joy in your hearts... for you are headed toward the construction of your own paradise... and of a world of happiness and peace..!"

"Well, My daughter, as you have just seen Me, this title I offer you is of Reconciliation as "MARY WITH THE CHILDREN"... that is to say, Myself as Mother of all the innocent of the world, who long to grow under the tutelage of this humble Woman, who continues tenaciously in Her attempt to save childhood, so they may continue to grow in God's Kingdom and justice... I keep you here in My Heart..!

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Mary with the children!

Twenty second Apparition: May l3, l989 - 7:00 p.m.

"My daughter, My children… My love and apostolic zeal is for the souls called to a service of surrender to the entrusted mission. You must accomplish it with a full Christian orientation, and its vocation authentically human, with great spirit of love and participation in the circumstances and problems where you are needed, as in, moral, spiritual or religious matters... It must be something personal, with its specific mission, unreplaceable, since your task must be of faith, transmitting it, handing it on to your brothers... prayer, brotherly charity through catechism... and even more what is greater and more beautiful: sacramental life to protect and to help your brothers..!"

"My daughter, your own experience has taught you many things, so Evangelization takes root in your soul with vigor and infinite love... think of your personal experience as a language of love... to execute in a particular way, your task for the sake of human solidarity, growing... taking clear positions in the media of social communications... Your position must be freed from human conditioning, your basic judgment of life, your personal activity as a testimony of faith, of hope and of charity, sublime love, kindness, fidelity to your duties, with the patience, and that innate happiness, which you offer to all in a community-like way..! Thus, with courage, strive to perform your deeds with skill, reforming as you progress, with each day's experience, the truth of love that conveys respect toward life and toward family dignity..! Behold, My daughter, work and struggle, serving everyone..!"

"Daughter, you have seen Me covered with My white robes, with My Rosary in hand... children, you also were able so see Me and see the little shepherds who accompanied Me... O, sons and daughters! How great is My Lord's kindness..! to give you this grace of infinite tenderness..!"

"And now My daughter, My children, grow in your faith and in your loyalty to the Love of My Loves... to Him... Jesus... and live in community..! I have called you here on this day so you could receive My message of love and you could feel Me, and experience hours of spiritual sharing by My side..! I keep you..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Mary of Fatima! Mother of the Community!

Twenty third Apparition: May 25, 1989 (Corpus Christi) - 6:00 p.m.

"My daughter, My Heart I gave to you... My heart I give to you... and My Heart I will give to you forever..! My little ones, I have called you today to confirm My presence among you, so it may be warmer and more intense... for I am the Mother of Mercy... it is mercy what this country of yours needs... it is what families need... it also is what the forsaken children and mothers need... as some of those who today came to meet with you... My grief is the grief of each one of them, their grief is My grief... their joy is My joy, their sorrow is My sorrow..! Loneliness and suffering raze as hurricane winds do, as do the passions of men with no religious education... This is how creatures are destroyed and children suffer; but henceforth these children will feel the sweetness, and the love of My Divine Son... He in the children... and I in Him... with you, united in the marvelous current of this dusk... How beautiful is nature!"

"Children, I invite you to the Feast of Angels of My Beloved Son... sit at the table as guests of honor..! My little ones, how beautiful is the innocent creature... help the children, smile at the lonely mothers... but they are not alone, I am with them..!"

"Children, you are here to learn from the classes of My Son Jesus, He uses His Priests to reaffirm His Words will never pass... that they are the ones who are in charge of giving all the proper teachings, with the orientation of appraising your faith and renewing your hearts to a new life... with the knowledge that the message of peace and human solidarity is to embrace one another in concord and brotherly unity..!"

"Children, glorify the Heavenly Father and My Divine Son Jesus, for allowing all to come and take shelter in Our Promised Land... seeking this motherly Heart..! My little ones, I contemplate each countenance of yours, looking deep inside... How I love you, sons and daughters! Continue to come, for you have the generosity of this, your Mother... who comes to live among you, and to assure all, nothing will halt the march of the truth of My presence in this place... I live among you... and among all My children, through a law of love. More will come... little by little, they shall enter... especially the Religious, these are, My beloved Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious and all God's people..! O nation of Mine, seek this, your Mother, who will be waiting for you with opened arms to mitigate your pain, grief or sorrow... I am the Mother of Mercy who comes to reconcile all... so you may love one another, support one another, and live a model life..! I love you very much..! I keep you here in My Heart..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Mother of Mercy!

Twenty forth Apparition: June 21, 1989 - 9:30 p.m.

"Children, I gaze at you and I am happy for this visit you have offered Me today at My new See of these times... yes, children, I came and I continue to come to meet with all, for I am the Mother Reconciler who comes to reconcile you with all your brothers; and this is why I have confided in you the fulfillment of your duties as children of My motherly Heart... and behold, each person who comes to My place, will be heard and aided, for I am the Mother of the hungry... I am the hope of the thirsty... and the afflicted need help and protection..!"

"Children, today you have truly come to discern My message and at the same time, you have heard at daybreak, the song of the birds... in order to see My Image at the foot of a tree at My grotto... you saw the water of My spring flow over the stones, singing to the Lord... O children! My mystical eye, has observed each one of your faces and has been able to see in the bottom of your hearts the desire of an inner renewal, to analyze and contemplate all the beautiful things this temple of nature holds, temple I have chosen to receive all of My children..! Thus, sons and daughters, henceforth you will be enabled to understand the wonderful and heavenly gamut that exists here... and with will power you will be able to take part in the banquet of love My Divine Son and this Mother offer you... so you may lead a life, singing to the Lord His psalm of love..!"

"And now children, I recommend you pray, saying all in unison: "Blessed be the Lord..!" I keep you here in My Heart..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Twenty fifth Apparition: July 16, 1989 - 6:30 p.m.

"Daughter, My children, here among you at dusk, when the birds lift their flight to take refuge in their nests in the foliage of these trees, which have seen Me descend over this serene region... Yes, children, appearing to each one of you so you may feel My Voice in your hearts, with divine rhythms of new life... Thus, being able to comfort your brothers, alleviating their burden and offering them the fruits of the Tree of Grace and the blessed water of My cascade... Yes, sons and daughters, behold My announcement to the world, there is a place on earth where all My children may take refuge, hidden in the blessed mountain, seeking God's treasures... preparing themselves... to understand clearly that only in the seclusion of prayer, living with simplicity and humility they will defend themselves from the violence of men on earth, and have the strength to proclaim the Word of the Lord with serenity; the peace of the just, wisdom, and God’s reason..! Behold, living in community you will learn much,... forgive very much and even more, love all your brothers..!"

"Children, I am the Mother of Mount Carmel, who with My Scapulars comes to save each one of you... so you may live in accordance with the divine will... filled with peace and calmness, where there is no place for shadows nor tempests nor passions nor errors..! Children, here I offer you the arc of liberty of a powerful day..!"

"And now, My little ones, may the generous and prodigious rain from the sky pour forth singing..! I keep you..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Mother of Mount Carmel!

Twenty sixth Apparition: August 15, 1989 - 5:00 p.m.

"My daughter, My Heart I gave to you... My Heart I give to you... and My Heart I will give to you forever..! Children, I speak to all of you who have seen Me seconds ago... ascending into Heaven with My Arms opened, with a rain of roses... and you have had the proof in those petals, red fire, which signify represent the Heart of My Divine Jesus... He, as Christ Redeemer and Savior... renewing and purifying all men on earth..! Sons and daughters, all this seems like a dream to you... but it is a lively truth, and unique in these times of great calamity for men..!"

"Children, I want to communicate to you, days of universal revolution are closing distance... but with global spiritual orientation, you will overcome those difficult times with the constructive force of love toward collective redemption... Yes, My little ones, there is a new hope... and it is that all will hold hands with a spirit of endurance, forgiving and loving one another as brothers..!"

"On this day when My Assumption into Heaven is recalled... I want to leave you My roses of love... so keeping them in your hearts, you will have Me present with My Beloved Son..! I keep you here in My Heart..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Assumption of Mary!

Twenty seventh Apparition: September 8, 1989 - 6:30 p.m.

"Daughter, My children, on this day when My birth is commemorated... "Mary’s Nativity", I have wanted you to see Me, just as the child My parents took to the Temple... and I wish for this image to remain engraved in your souls, in order to keep in your hearts the peace that comes forth as brightness from Our Father's own Bosom... Yes, children, I want you to take Me with you so nothing will separate us... you must know truth always shines... and you will walk next to Me. I will lead you to the backwaters, where the water is clearer, for it comes from the springs ofMy grotto of prayer... Yes, sons and daughters, I want to protect you from the temptations of the world; you, youngsters, so you may follow God's will in your ways in order to be worthy of His mercy and His infinite love..!"

"Children, I beg you, defend your rights and appraise your faith, longing for spiritual renewal... handing on the message of a Mother... who under different titles appears to Her children to call them to conversion..!"

"All the places where I have made Myself felt are filled with spirituality, understanding and much love for My children so all may be saved... and here also, in your fatherland, entering into the countryman's structure, to find souls who are sensitive and worthy of the love of My Lord..! This is why you should trust your Mother... and continue your path which leads to the Holy Mount..! I keep you here in My Heart..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Mary of Coromoto, Patroness of Venezuela!

Twenty eighth Apparition: October 22, 1989 - 2:30 to 3:00 a.m.

"My daughter, My Heart I gave to you... My Heart I give to you... and My Heart I will give to you forever..! Daughter, children, I called you to come to meet with Me, so you could feel Me and see My Image reflected at My grotto of prayer... to give you My message in the silence of this retired corner at the "Mater Refuge"... and you could attend to My petition..! Daughter, children, I speak to all of you... listen to Me: In all the sites and places of the world there are many families that as days go by, time elapses, they have transformed themselves into great families... And behold, I come so all those families do not separate nor divide themselves ever... for I wish the bigger the family, the more and more they will love one another... in order to augment their own spiritual strength, and come to lead an evangelic life... And so, from now on, a call may be made for a program of human solidarity, of healthy families... with renewed spirituality... coming together and creating a nucleus of true children of God... and grow, turning into great communities, that will call on brothers of the whole world..! Start right now My little ones..! I keep you here in My Heart..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Mother of Generosity!

Twenty ninth Apparition: November 8, 1989 - 6:00 p.m.

"My daughter, My children, here I am among you, inviting you at dusk to prayer, to meditate, to think over and feel in your souls the beauty of love, the beauty of life, fraternizing with the varying colors of plants, flowers and fruits... Yes, children, truly feeling in your hearts a strange language of love, which knows how to express and understand all things clearly and accurately..! Behold, this sharing in the participation of a lively prayer, which is the hope of a Christian, with the votive light of the Sanctuary of Reconciliation, that is the flame and the fire which burn in the Heart of My Divine Jesus... He, My Beloved Son of truth, justice and law of a Heavenly Father... All of you appraising faith, concord and harmony in your soul..!"

"Children, I am touching the hearts of My sons and daughters so they may increase their faith, and even more, for their renewal... so they may open their hearts to this Mother's Heart... who comes to give them, through the love of Her Divine Son, the grace of the Holy Spirit, with the gift of understanding... so all may follow the current of the great truth they have in front of them..! Children, he who knows how to live according to the Doctrine of My Jesus has found his treasure... and in finding it, he will break the chains of the past that kept him mired... allowing the light to approach him... opening his eyes... to start to awaken... and fraternize with all his brothers..!"

"Children, I am offering you the great opportunity to unite, fulfilling a structural movement of consciences, with the burning flame of My Jesus... for this is the only way to go on... embellishing yourselves with spirituality..! Behold, reaffirm your steps... to meet with the pure source of a model life which is My Divine Son... which you have to live and feel inside..! I keep you here in My Heart..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Mary Mother!

Thirtieth Apparition: December 8, 1989 - 6:30 p.m.

"My children, today we have lived a great day of light... with the hope that all My children who have come to celebrate by My side, My Feast of Angels, as the Immaculate Conception, may have received the supreme purity of the divine spirit... and as a result you may have felt in your hearts, not only My presence, but the presence of My Divine Son... discovering the reason why in these times of great calamity for mankind, we are calling all Our scattered children from different places of the world to receive Our message... so it may be useful and beneficial for all, thus, to cultivate love... to overcome through a healthy conviction a world that is loosing its mystical way..! Behold, fill yourselves with the strength and the grace of the Holy Spirit, traveling the road and following the luminous figure of My Beloved Son, who as Master continues to teach in the classrooms of Our Mother Church, in whom He is represented on earth by the High Pontiff, who with great accuracy, works with sound judgment and understanding at his mission of serving mankind, making known to everyone, that is a Christian's duty... behold his work: building and renewing men's consciousness..!"
"And now children, I close saying: work with righteousness and charity..!"
"I keep you here in My Heart..!"
Mary Reconciler of People!

Thirty first Apparition: January 5, 1990 - 6:00 p.m.

"Daughter, children, here I am gazing at your spiritual preparation in this new day of the beginning of 1990... I see it is very hard for you to understand certain things, but as time elapses, you will understand the truth. Thus, behold, henceforth you shall raise to evolve and become aware of the time the world is living... in order to overcome yourselves and obtain the achievements of evaluating the virtues which make you aware of the worth of today's men, who looks for an incentive in his turbulent environment..! That is why, there is no other thing than to try not to weaken in the enterprise to be developed, and to constitute the bounty to the harvest, for great events and painful riots are growing around the world; countries and nations are being shaken by bad times..! Men have lessened their potential, in regard to their spirituality... behold they are navigating against the divine current of peace, love and brotherly unity..!"

"That is why, I am letting you feel Me and My Divine Son... so My children feel in their hearts Our soft touch and so they may listen to the announcement that: "The time of their freedom has arrived... may they make themselves present through sanctifying love...and may they continue their way seeking the light... and thus, their thoughts may receive the grace of the Holy Spirit, so they may be worthy of that light and music of the universe..! Think that: It is sufficient to enter into the constitution of men's structure, to find an immense forge... with the mission to fulfill an inevitable duty, that is to say, to build love in each deed which represents divinity..! Much willpower is needed..! That is why, humbly obey the teachings of the Commandments of My beloved Son, so men may ascend to the stage of the: "Great truth of God meeting with His children..!" for: He comes to give life again..! Anyone, regardless of his race, caste, religion… for Him all are the same... the only existing truth should be to practice what is good... and to lead a generous life..! I keep you here in My Heart..!"

Mary Reconciler of the People!

Votive Lamp!

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