Judiel Nieva said to have been at home the first apparition of Our Lady in 1987 when he was only 10 years. Later she and Madonna had instructed some of his friends to go to a small spring of water in the hills above August. The first public appearances in this place, dating back to March 31, 1989 when Our Lady appeared to the seer in a treetop. The Madonna is of extraordinary beauty, wearing a white dress with a large long skirt that touches the cloud on which to lay their feet. Sul lembo del suo vestito c'è una stella luminosa ed un'altra stella luminosa splende sulla sua fronte. On the edge of her dress is a bright star and a bright star shining on his forehead. Her eyes are blue-brown on the breast and shows her Immaculate Heart. A flash of light usually precedes the arrival of Madonna, who presents herself as the Immaculate Queen of Heaven and Earth. Appearances would be linked to other phenomena, such as the spread of a fragrance of roses, the spinning of the sun and spread its light in the form of colored circles. In the solar disk would appear even Jesus and St. Joseph. Our Lady would appear at times through tears and sometimes even tears of blood would flow copiously from his eyes. Our Lady's messages are simple and repetitive prayer and concern, especially the rosary, penance, conversion and consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

These events have been condemned by the Theological Commission of the Bishop Salvador Lazo established in 1993. They also disqualify himself because of financial corruption of the family and the latent psychic transsexualism.

Source: http://www.latheotokos.it