Bishop Talucci on the alleged apparitions to Mario D'Ignazio

Jan 24, 2012

"Guidelines on the alleged apparitions to young Brindisi Mario D'Ignazio: in reference to the phenomenon of the alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary to the young Brindisi Mario D'Ignazio, in recent days Archbishop Rocco Talucci handed over to the priests of the diocese guidelines. In the paper, in analyzing the phenomenon, he states that it 'is still open and the young Mario assumes all the responsibility'; Bishop Talucci has stated that there is 'nothing to say about the quality of the messages that our heavenly Mother would address to his sons,' but these, 'while stimulating the conversion for the affirmation of the Kingdom of God on earth, sometimes become inconsistent in the forms in which they occur.' Confirming the invitation to cultivate caution in the interpretation of the facts, with silent reflection and ecclesial in welcoming messages, [one should] hold humility in the formulation of operational decisions; the Archbishop highlights some notes of conduct and, in particular: 'The phenomenon of appearances seems to belong only to one seer and not to the Church, to whom is entrusted the deposit of faith. If the young recipient of "revelations," under the pretext of obeying the Blessed Virgin and God, felt the need to relate to the Church and the Archbishop, he is free to do so, but this is not how the Church functions... If you want to use the media to publicize the various phenomena, which take place only on his word, and accept invitations to travel to different places to talk about the phenomenon, he must take responsibility, but it is not is according to the custom of the Church. In the message entrusted to the priest, Monsignor Talucci says further: 'It is arbitrary, so the Church must ... consider their campaign... formulating prayers without the imprimatur... distributing devotional signs like pilgrims to a shrine.' And again: 'They do not appear authentic certain messages aimed at individuals with a commitment to follow special forms of an association. It is delicate to speak publicly about the delivery of a message to the bishop. It seems strange that the spread of a message, very strong, against the priests, before being considered secret, was made ??public without first presenting it to the Archbishop. Perplexity is created by harsh language, never used by the Blessed Mother and not at all merciful unto the priests of whom she is the Mother. Surprising is the irascibility of the family of the young towards those who demonstrate they do not believe the alleged phenomenon'... In the document, Bishop Talucci speaks directly to the priests recommending 'guiding the faithful to the normal life of faith and prayer, to understand the message of Mary in the Gospel and in the Church, expressing her maternal love, calls to conversion and holiness, educating the certainty of faith without relying on novelty.' It is recommended for the faithful to 'pray to the Lord to let us know the basic truth underlying these events, [expressing concern over] sometimes strange and contradictory [directives concerning the unofficial shrine], which do not belong to the normal practice of the faith and can deceive the weak and needy to understand the prudence of the Church, and not to increase the reaction possibly linked to personal demands."]