The Miracle Hunter

Discussions at the Bishops' Conference on the "apparitions" were held on four occasions: 25 April, 9 October and 27 November 1990, and the Declaration on Medjugorje was accepted through a vote held in Zadar on 10 April 1991: 19 bishops voted for the Declaration while 1 abstained.

The Declaration states:

"During the regular session of the Bishops' Conference of Yugoslavia, held in Zadar from April 9-11, 1991, the following was accepted:

From the very beginning, the Bishops have been following the events of Medjugorje through the local Bishop, the Bishops' Commission and the Commission of the Bishops' Conference of Yugoslavia for Medjugorje.

On the base of studies made so far, it cannot be affirmed that these matters concern supernatural apparitions or revelations. Yet the gathering of the faithful from various parts of the world to Medjugorje, inspired by reasons of faith or other motives, require the pastoral attention and care, first of all, of the local Bishop and then of the other bishops with him, so that in Medjugorje and all connected with it, a healthy devotion towards the Blessed Virgin Mary according to the teachings of the Church may be promoted. The Bishops will also provide special liturgical and pastoral directives corresponding to this aim. At the same time, they will continue to study all the events of Medjugorje through the commissions.

Zadar, 10 April 1991
The Bishops of Yugoslavia"

Catholic World News APRIL, 1991 -- "In April 1991 the bishops of what was then Yugoslavia issued a statement indicating that their investigation had revealed no conclusive evidence that would allow them to determine whether or not the phenomena at Medjugorje truly derived from supernatural causes. The bishops did observe that the pilgrims who were flocking to Medjugorje appeared to be motivated by real piety, and their experiences should increase their Marian devotion. Today's Vatican statement concluded: "We repeat the absolute need to continue deepening the reflection, as well as prayer, in the face of whatever alleged supernatural phenomenon, until there is a definitive pronouncement."