The Miracle Hunter

On March 6, 2006, the Curia of Treviso, signed by the Vicar General Monsignor Corrado Pizziolo, issued the following statement:

"The story of Mrs. Paul Albertini, resident in the parish of Pederobba of this diocese of Treviso, has been known for over a decade and was considered at the time by the then bishop diocesan bishop Antonio Mistrorigo, now "retired" and its contributors. From existing documentation in the Archives of the Diocesan Ecclesiastical Court, following the investigations, the alleged apparitions and locutions and healing, anything that can be attributed to the action supernatural, but only to the presumption of such person. I can assure you that in this diocese has never been taken into account the possible seriousness of the facts and has never been granted any form of worship on the site of the so-called apparitions "