On November 14, 1990, the Bishop of San Nicolas, Monsignor Domingo Castagna, issued an edict compromising an "Imprimatur" for the publication of the Spanish edition of the Messages of Our Lady to Gladys de Motta.

The Bishop's statement read as follows:

Monsignor DOMINGO SALVADOR CASTAGNA, for the grace of god and of the Apostolic Holy See, Bishop of "San Nicolas de los Arroyos",

HAVING: A folder that contains the messages of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, presented by Father Carlos A. Perez, Rector of the Diocesan Sanctuary, Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, located in this city, province of Buenos Aires;

AND CONSIDERING: That its contents have, in correct form, the formulations of the Catholic Faith that must be transmitted to the believers for the knowledge of the doctrine, and THAT IS THE responsibility of the Ordinary of the place to "take care of the catechization of the Christian population, for their faith, through the Doctrine's teaching, and that the practice of Christian life become alive, explicit and operative" (C. 773), and for the same reasons, give the necessary approval (C. 827.1):

1. Grant the "Imprimatur" for the folder that contains the Messages of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, to be published in Spanish;
2. Remembering that in the publication should be stated: "with the necessary license", in the name of the Diocesan Bishop, Msgr. Domingo Salvador Castagna, and the date of the license granted being that of this decree, and that the approval for the publication is valid for the original text, but not for successive editions, if they come (C. 829).
3. To be communicated to whom it may concern, and file.
Given in "San Nicolas de los Arroyos", Bishop's See, the fourteenth day of the month of November of the year of Our Lord, nineteen, ninety.

Signed: Domingo Salvador Castagna
Bishop of San Nicolas

Ariel David Busso