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c. 1100

Blieskastel (GERMANY)

Witnesses: 2 thieves
Title: Our Lady of the Dart

In the twelfth century, a knight had retired to a hermitage in the Blies, east of Saarbrüicken, and worshiped in this place a small statue of the Mother of God. One day some thieves wanted to loot the small hermitage and found nothing to steal, they began to throw darts against the sacred image, placed in the hollow of an oak. From the "wounds" caused by the darts suddenly started gushing blood. Faced with this phenomenon, the robbers were frightened and fled. Now the image was attributed miraculous powers, then came to that place many of these pilgrims and also the Countess Elizabeth of Blieskastel, suddenly healed from a serious eye disease. In gratitude Countess Gräfinthal founded the monastery, where there was placed the miraculous image of "Our Lady of Darts", still much loved and revered.




Title: Our Lady of Liesse

Visionary: Ismenia

In 1134, three brothers, knights from the French region of Laon, left on a voyage. The sultan of Egypt captured them and took them prisoner. Hoping at all costs to make them apostatize, he went so far as to send his remarkably beautiful daughter to seduce them. But while discussing the Gospel with the prisoners, believing she would defeat them, Ismenia was defeated. She asked the knights to carve the image of Mary for her.

The knights prayed to the Blessed Virgin so that she would guide their hands.

During the night, the Virgin sent angels bearing her radiant image of piety. The next day, when Ismenia returned the dungeon was filled with dazzling light and a delicious perfume exuded from the statue. The princess believed immediately and took the statue to her apartments, never taking her eyes off the statue while the knights cried out: Our Lady of Liesse!

The following night, Ismenia heard the statue say: "Trust me, Ismenia! I have prayed to my Son for you. You will be his faithful servant. You will free my three beloved knights. You will be baptized and through you, France will be enriched by countless graces. Through you my name will become famous and later, I will receive you forever in paradise."

Ismenia helped the prisoners escape and fled with them. All four of them were overtaken by a deep sleep, and during their sleep angels transported them to France. When they awoke, the three knights were in their country, near their castle in Marchais. Ismenia was baptized and they all agreed to have a chapel built at the site where they had woken up, in honor of Our Lady of Liesse.

Since then miracles have been countless.

Louis VII came as a pilgrim in 1146 and Our Lady of Liesse became a favorite pilgrimage destination of the kings of France.

c. 1150

Tendilla or Saragossa (Spain)

Visionaries: Two knights from the Saint John of Jerusalem Order

Two knights from the Saint John of Jerusalem Order were hunting in an area called the "Valley of Hell" when they were surprised by a terrific storm. Lightning flashed and thunder reverberated against the rocky cliffs. Accustomed though they were to danger, the storm, in its fury, scared even these knights, who took shelter
beneath an overhang and invoked the Virgin.

Almost immediately a light shone forth from a nearby willow and as it strengthened, as it grew brighter, the storm decreased in violence. When the knights approached they were surprised to find an image of Mary in the crotch of the tree. They fell to their knees in astonishment.


c. 1150

Saragossa (Spain)

Visionaries: Two knights from the Saint John of Jerusalem Order

The Blessed Mother returned to her first apparition site at Saragossa, Spain and on a
mountaintop known as Villamayor she appeared to a humble shepherd named Gerardo, who
discovered a wooden statue that spoke to him. As in so many cases the Virgin's voice asked him to tell the people about her image and build a shrine on the mountain in her honor, which then allowed her greater intercession.


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